Tuesday, March 27, 2012

This week-end I went mouse hunting.  No not the live little critters.  But my computer mouse bit the dust.  Now, I am used to a small or medium mouse.  "Normal" ones have always been a bit big for my hand.  Trying to find either size was next to impossible!  I did finally find a medium sized one that looked ok.  But it's wireless.  So now I still have to use a USB port but now I also have to worry about finding batteries and keeping them stocked in the house.  After all, do I really want my mouse winding down at 2 am or whatever odd hour I may get on the computer.  I also now have to worry about the mouse being knocked off the desk, especially by curious cats who like to bat things around.  Worse yet, being buried under my piles of paperwork that like to clutter my desk.  I never have been a tidy desk person.  Just not me.  The nice thing is that now my mouse color matches my computer color.  Then again, it never bothered me thatthey didn't match before.

But back to the shopping trip.  Most stores I checked have a few versions.  ONe store had one huge long aisle!  Wow!  THere was the true mini-mouse - about the size of a jump drive.  A bit too small for my taste.  There were the ones shaped liked a NFL football helmet - way too large!  There was "Hello Kitty", Crayola and other assorted ones geared towards kids.   Lots of designer colors and patterns; lots of different brands; very few with cords and almost none with the retractable cords like I had before.  There some with huge trackballs on the side of the mouse (I mean huge, almost egg size). The largest were the ones that literally were larger than my entire hand.  They were close to the size of my mouse pad.  And the shapes are different now.  Most would have my fingers pointing down and the wrist up in the air - not exactly comfortable for me anyhow. 

I wasn't thrilled with packing either.  I wanted to be able to "hold" the mouse to try it out.  Or at least feel how it might be in my hand.  Some of the glitzy packaging just doesn't allow for that.

So, now I am in search of batteries to see how the new mouse will do.  I also need more batteries for the camera. 


Cleejoow said...

Oh I know it's so hard to find a decent mouse these days. They never seem to last long here either.
The problem with batteries, I can relate to that at work as well. My keyboard is with batteries and the flash of the company camera as well. I order batteries online and whenever I need them for my mouse or keyboard... we ran out. My colleagues always forget to mention when they take the last one. I think I will soon go for the rechargeable ones. I'll get double the amount I need and so I'll always have spare ones... It will be cheaper in the end as well I guess...

Dani - tkdchick said...

Must admit I love having a wireless mouse and mine seems to be not bad on batteries. I do make a point of turning it off though.